Wednesday night was fun. Liz’s friend was celebrating her 21st and we were invited to the big celebration. A rented school hall, great food, decent music, and most importantly lots of booze meant a very good night out indeed. Event started at 20.00 and I dropped off Liz at res around 04:30 the morning. (Needless to say I overslept and went to work late with a very fuzzy brain the next morning.)

Now because Liz is in Stellenbosch which is primarily Afrikaans in terms of student life and the fact that she herself is Afrikaans has meant that I’ve had to adapt to fit in half-decently. Though my accent is atrocious and most people resolve to talk in English to me for some strange reason even when that obviously isn’t the best choice for them, I’ve quickly become part of the group which is a pretty nice thing. I langarm dans (though not very well according to Liz and myself, but the other girls don’t complain – maybe they’re just being nice), I drink brandy and coke and I throw in some decent Afrikaans swear words. Seems that this is all that’s needed to join the boere society :)

Nevertheless it was a great evening out, even if my boss now wants a 1000 word essay from me to explain my tardiness yesterday morning. (I don’t think he’s serious though)

Oh, and I managed to scratch the left bottom of my front bumper thanks to the roadworks on Bottelary road on the way back that night :(

liz engelbrecht