Feeling a little Squashed My Life 10 APR 2007

Hmm, I enjoy exercise but I wonder if this isn’t overdoing it just a little.

Played 9 games of squash with Karl on Thursday. No squash on Friday, but had a nice jog instead. Saturday was squash with Pops and Ryan. Sunday was squash with Pops and Ryan, followed by some more rounds against Riley. Monday was a further 8 games with Karl again. No wonder I’m feeling a little squashed. (Not enough to stop me hitting the gym this evening of course).

Whilst Riley, Ryan and Pops present a nice challenge (especially Riley: he made me run the most), I must mention Karl’s efforts.

Karl… tries. Nuff said ;)

But he’s quickly getting back to his old levels again. He should be able to beat me after another 300 odd games I reckon :D

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