Well, in light of my decision to start tackling outside projects in a bid to get some sort of product line up and running, I’ve finally sourced my much needed PC upgrade. Ill hopefully be taking over one of the DFRU Research Units year old machines at the end of the month. Its a P4 3ghz machine with a 1gb ram if I remember correctly. Comes with a nifty LCD monitor as well. (Its a very good price in case youre wondering no hints as too how much though)

At the same time I’m looking at securing internet access at home, most likely through a USB wireless modem solution. Vodacoms offer seems okay at the moment, but I’m still in the process of investigating alternatives. Basically I just need email/internet access at home no need for downloads as that gets done at work :)

gameloftIn terms of products, I’m thinking of either doing something like an expanded dating/find me type site working on a contact subscription basis business model, similar to existing match-making sites. Survey/Web hosting solutions could be another potential I guess. However, the real thing I want to look into is mobile phone game development. I have a history in Java so it is simply a matter of re-tooling myself with todays language and practices and then moving it to the mobile platform arena. Shouldnt be too difficult hows that for optimism :) I have one or two ideas already, nothing original, blatant clones you could say, but it would be nice if I could actually implement them in a working game application. Challenges are so much fun.

But first things first, I need that PC!