So I gave the panel beaters a call yesterday to find out what is happening with my car. I dropped it off on Monday morning and haven’t received any feedback from there, so I thought Id better take matters into my own hands.

When I first spoke to the guy and had him look at the car, he firmly stated that the damage to the door had been left for so long that he doubts hell be able to knock it out properly. Thus I would have to get the door replaced. Both my rear and front bumpers are scratched so I would need them misted in (luckily my car is white), but on hearing the cost of the whole operation I canned that idea and went for the simple door replacement option.

However, he happily informed me yesterday on the phone that:
– he couldnt find a second hand door so he knocked the dent out – apparently it came out well
– hes busy getting my bumpers misted it.

JettaIncredible these decisions that get made without any customer input whatsoever. Oh well, at least Ill get my car back in all its sexy glory by the sounds of it. (Friday is it’s tentative release date)

My brother has been kind enough to loan me his Jetta for the week. His is the 96 1800 CLX while mine is the 97 1600 CLS. I must say that the difference in power is very noticeable indeed – I’ve had a ball racing around in his car! Now I just have to go fill it up at these ridiculous petrol prices though :(