Hot FuzzIf you want a barrel load of laughs (cheaper than a barrel load of monkeys) then don’t miss out on Hot Fuzz, the latest film from the guys that brought you the hilarious cult hit Shaun of the Dead.

In Summary:
Police constable Nicolas Angel (Simon Pegg) always gets his man, but these days his impeccable record seems to be more indicative of his fellow officer’s shortcomings than his own formidable skills as a keeper of the peace. Loathe to stand idly by as their once respectable track record is steadily soiled by the hyper-competent actions of one lone overachiever, Officer Angel’s superiors at the Met soon determine to remedy their problem by relocating the decorated constable to the West Country village of Sanford – where tranquil garden parties and neighbourhood watch meetings stand in stark contrast to the violent crime and heated gunplay of the city.

As Officer Angel does his best to adjust to the relative calm of his new environment, his oafish new partner Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) strives to gain the respect of his fellow constables while sustaining himself on fantasies of his favourite action films and police shows. Later, just as it begins to appear as if Officer Angel has been relegated to an uneventful existence in the relative calm of the countryside, a series of horrific accidents lead him to suspect that the tranquil hamlet of Sanford has fallen prey to a sinister plot which reeks of foul play.

Honestly said, if you are not familiar with or a fan of Brit comedy especially the darker variety of it, then you’ll probably wasting your time. That would probably explain why the cinema was half empty at the primary 20:00 screening on Saturday evening. Oh well, no skin off my back.

Hot Fuzz is an absolute blast, from beginning to end. The one-liners and puns keep on coming at you, hardly giving you time to duck. Both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are absolute brilliant in their roles, but to be honest, I don’t think there is a single miscasting in the entire movie. Honestly, I don’t want to say too much about the movie in fear of spoiling any of it so I won’t.

In short, if Brit dark comedy is your thing, don’t miss Hot Fuzz.

Note: you’ll need a strong stomach in certain places – death is done in typical dark comic fashion.