squash racquet with ballNuts. Another glorious weekend has come to an end. Had a nice one this time round. Friday I ended the day off by going off to Karate and then following that up with a nice hour’s session of squash with Karl. To be honest, the less said about the squash the better – Karl kept apologising to me afterwards for his poor performance. (We’ll blame Thursday nights badminton this time round). Relaxed at home for a while playing some Canis Canem Edit from Rockstar Games – awesome game just by the way. Round 11:00 I felt like a drink so I popped down to Edward street – and ended up getting home at 03:30 in the morning :) I’m absolutely loving what Stones have done to expand their premises into a very decent dance venue.

Skipped squash on Saturday morning because I only woke up just after 07:00. Seeing as I’ve been using Ryan’s car for the week, I picked him up instead and we went shopping. I should have known it would end in disaster – every time I hit the shops with him I end up buying a game. This time was no different and I picked up Final Fantasy X-2 at long last. Back home Terrance popped around and Ryan, him and I wasted the afternoon away beating the crap out of each other in Naruto and Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. We popped out the evening to catch Hot Fuzz – thoroughly thoroughly enjoyable and worth it. Afterwards Ryan and I went to Ellingtons to shoot some pool. Again the place was as busy as a mortuary. I honestly can’t understand how it is still operating with this level of imaginary customers.

Sunday was nice and laid back. I slept in until 09:00 which is a fairly strange event for me. Usually its up at 06:30 for some squash, but I decided to give my body a bit of a break. Well, at least until the afternoon when I went for an enjoyable jog around the Welgemoed dam a couple of times. After that it was to the Bellville golf course to play a quick nine holes. Lets just say that Ernie Els has absolutely no reason to be worried ;)

Throw in some gaming and anime on the side and it all mixes together for quite a nice busy and thoroughly enjoyable weekend :)