My ’97 Jetta Mark III is back with a bang. Well, actually no bang, and hopefully it will stay bang free for quite some time. The best thing about getting your car back from either the panel beaters or a Barons Service Centre is the fact that they clean it so well that it looks like a brand new car. They wash and vacuum it, and they polish it until it shines – it’s so pretty! Oh yes, the car repairs went off beautifully I must say, no trace of the door being damaged whatsoever. They re-sprayed parts of the bumper as well, so the car now looks in mint condition once more.

Very happy with their work, a little pricey perhaps, but worth it in the end. (I’m gonna ignore the fact they went ahead and did things without consulting me though) I’ll recommend Stikland Body & Spray Works after all I think with half a thumb up (now where did I put those noddy badges?)

From the rear down the passenger's side