Last night my brother asked me to sub for pops because his knee was giving the old man a bit of hassle. Not a problem, I’m always up for a game. So I cruised off to Tygervalley Virgin Active as I always do, arriving quite on time for a change. Ryan arrived and our squash battle commenced the winner? The holey front wall.

Its got worse pot holes than a Gauteng highway. To be fair, the squash courts at the gym undergo an intense, continuous beating all year round and Virgin Active does their best to maintain it, but no matter what they try, the walls just wont remain fixed.

Squash racquet and ballIt would appear that the last attempt at fixing the holes involved some kind of silly putty type stuff which now has been beaten into misshapen pulp leaving the wall looking like something straight out of a b-grade horror movie. And of course these holes exert some type of strange magnetism as the balls seem intent on deviating from their course and heading straight for the Bermuda triangle that are these holes.

Needless to say, the minute another less battered court opened up, Ryan and I shot out of the old one like bats out of hell, trampling little children and kittens on our way to securing it. Much better

For the record, Ryan lost all four games we played :)