USB ModemI’ve been online in a form since 1999, but my access has always been restricted to varsity hours. When I was a student and now while I’m a staff member, my online access has always been through UCTs network. This has never been a problem for me, but it would appear that now that I’m single again Id like to get a little more involved in the net which basically means taking the plunge and organising Internet access at home at last.

Now me being me, I went for the easiest option available to me. Instead of getting a landline up in the flat or bother with the joke that is Telkoms customer service levels, I looked at the wireless options instead. Looking at the mobile operators offerings, I picked out Vodacoms option seeing as their pricing was fair enough, I liked the idea of the hassle-free USB modem and I’m already holding a Vodacom cellphone account.

So last night I waltzed into their shop, had a chat with one of the reps and promptly signed the pages. I took my brand spanking new, bright and shiny USB modem home with me, plugged it in and watched as it automatically installed its software and generally just took over the old clunker I call a PC in my flat. Annoyingly enough, while I’m all ready to go, Vodacom of course isnt theres a pesky waiting time for the Sim card to be activated, which basically means I’m posting this update from work instead of from home where it should be done from.

But nevertheless, when I finally get home tonight, watch out Internet, here I come!

(Well, I’ll at least make a scratch into it I’m hoping. Gotta wait for my new machine before I can hope to make a dent. My current 856mhz [could be 756, never can remember] processor is shameful in this day and age, I know.)