Karl’s latest challenge was received last night, so I kitted up this morning and got prepared for yet another round of slaughter on the squash court. He was brimming with confidence following him completely annihilating me in our doubles games at badminton on Thursday evening. This morning he had even more of a surprise in store for me. In an effort to raise his game another notch, the sneaky bugger had run off early this morning, while most sane people were still in bed, to buy a brand spanking new, graphite Dunlop Black Max squash racquet.

After a slight hiccup with the court keys (no kittens were harmed though) we finally gained access to the courts for our latest epic encounter. Needless to say Karl lost. Again.

But, that said, we had to cut our games short today due to us splitting not one, but two squash balls. It is the first time that I’ve seen two balls break in the same session.

I’m beginning to think he had his racquet strung with piano wire to be quite honest