CrankI’ve just watched one of the most wackiest, dark comedy loaded action movies ever released on the big screen. While Hot Fuzz was primarily a comedy, Crank plays out as one long action shot. Crank casts Transporter and Italian Job star Jason Statham as a hit man on an adrenaline rush in order to stay alive. Basically the movie revolves around Jason’s character that gets injected with a lethal poison that shuts down the heart. The only way to counteract its effect and stay alive is to keep your body pumping out adrenaline. And this means fist fights, drugs, car chases, gun battles and even a little public sex.

Throw in tons of one-liners and visual joke effects, a brilliantly selected soundtrack and talented shot direction and you get one hell of a non-stop rollercoaster ride. Youll be spitting your sides from laughing while cringing at the over the top and visceral violence all at the same time.

Highly recommended if you can stomach a little extreme violence and take a decent shot of dark comedy.