I encountered the most hardcore fan board game every late Friday night as Angelas birthday braai wound down. Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. Basically its Trivial Pursuit recast in a Lord of the Rings theme. The little cheese-holder character pieces have been replaced with war game-like figurines, the question categories have been updated to things like good characters, evil characters, places, warfare and movie trivia and theres this funny little black hooded figurine on a horse who apparently likes to chase after people, especially short ones with hairy toes. Oh, and theres a ring of course, which kind of make sense if you look at the title of the story I guess.

Honestly, the only things I contributed to the game were a couple of dice throws and a lot of stupid comments/answers. And I made the cupcake plate lighter.

Nevertheless, I was amazed at some of the peoples knowledge of this fantasy epic. Its really quite scary when people know all 12 hours worth of footage backwards – plus deleted scenes.

Although it was a nice change of pace in the end (my team lost even though we were 3 against 1 – Patricia still won) I can honestly say I hope they find 30seconds soon.