Monday morning I experienced something I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Cape Town has the most glorious winter weather sometimes. The skies are grey and overcast, the wind will lie still and a soft drizzle will permeate the air. Now there is nothing more refreshing than walking in the rain, feeling the water as it runs over your body, cleansing and renewing your very spirit.

Now that I’m wearing contact lenses, the experience has been amplified for me. The added sense of near perfect sight adds a new dimension to this cleansing ritual, something I’ve never truly been able to appreciate before. Before I would have to remove my spectacles and walk half blind towards my destination, having to take extra care to ensure that I don’t stumble along the way. Now it was as if I could just slowly stroll along, taking in everything around me, enjoying every moment of it.

I guess some of the people on campus must have thought me quite crazy, removing my long top and tucking it under my arm to enjoy a leisurely stroll in just my jeans and t-shirt in the falling rain, but to me this was just too perfect for words.

To start the week with a cleansed soul, I certainly couldnt possibly ask for more.