Guitar HeroSo Monday evening saw my flat invaded by Karl, Pat and Terrance in order to get some Guitar Hero game time in. I’m the only one who doesn’t enjoy the game, but my place turned out to be the most suitable for it – go figure. Apparently Guitar Hero is meant to pull the rock star out of you, but all it does to me is cramp my hands. Maybe its because it’s a right-handed controller, I don’t know, but all I do know is that 90% of the time I can’t make it the whole way through a song without going through some serious hand convulsions. Another annoying part of the game is that there isn’t an option to play shorter songs, a bit annoying if you’re a biggish group all taking turns at it – at least SingStar got it right in the regard. Still, despite my grumblings it is great fun to make fun of the other people playing and throw them off track, so I did enjoy myself. Patricia and Karl seemed to get a thorough kick out of it and Terrance was inspired enough to go home and unlock all the extra songs just in case we need them next time.

I did also learn something new the evening as well. The quickest way to get rid of people is by popping in obscure anime-styled fighting games. One look at Naruto and DBZ: Budokai and Karl and Patricia disappeared in a flash :)