Just in case you’re wondering about the new link entitled ‘The People’ on the right hand side menu:
Because, *shock* *horror* actual real people are for some inexplicable reason actually reading this blog, I’ve decided to include a ‘The People’ page just to give some of the uninitiated a basic reference point to some of the names I might drop in my entries every now and then.

Also, people might be wondering why I’m not going into any details with regards to my current online dating site activities. The reason is pretty simple: some of the people tend to read this blog. So no point in harming my chances, now is there? ;)

Oh yes, I’ve also linked my Facebook account to the blog as well. Nifty little site that, quite impressed with some of its activeX controls. (But it would appear that a person needs to register in order to see other people’s profiles :( )

I’ve also cleaned up the right hand menu so that it doesn’t automatically display a list of the latest month’s entries.

Blog word.

It would seem that I’m updating this thing far too often now.