Squash racquet and ballI nearly made a huge faux pass last night. Karl had learned that Pat was playing squash last night so his first natural response to that was to invite me along so that we could get some game time in as well. Of course I readily accepted his latest challenge (I believe it was an attempt win by changing the playing time of day – very sneaky on his behalf).

I must say that I completely overestimated my level of fitness though. I came almost straight from karate practice (lots of bag work last night) to squash, but the moment I hit the court, I could feel I was majorly (yes, I know that this is not a proper English word) fatigued. We only managed five games, two of which I forced into tie breakers by coming from far behind to catch up. (A stunning dive pickup from me was the only thing standing between him and a dominating victory – from that point on I could rely on his mistakes again)

If it wasnt for his wonderful string of unforced errors I would very well have lost badly. I love you Karl :D (He says its a psychological edge I have over him, I just say he needs to up his game)

Oh yes, on the last game he complained I wasnt taking it serious enough (which was true), so I zipped my lip and proceeded to beat him 9-0. So for the record, the night’s final tally was 5-0 to me.