Was a bit bored tonight I must be honest. Had karate practice earlier, but that was about it. Terrance bailed on his Fifa challenge for tonight and C was busy with work, meaning our nightly communication battle wasnt going to take place. Needing to get out the house a bit, I decided to go locate The Corner Bar, the venue for 6 of 9’s upcoming gig on the 25th May. It turns out I didn’t really need to go find it after all – it’s on a corner, who’d have guessed? Very small place, not even enough room to swing a cat never mind a drum-stick. Well, it’s not that bad I guess – The place is known for hosting a lot of local rock acts, so its got to have something going for it after all. (http://www.cornerbar.co.za)

I didn’t bother going in though, turned around and instead opted to go watch some of the Chelsea United game at Stones, Durbanville. Wow, what a feeling of nostalgia. I haven’t been to that Stones for years, and to be honest, not much has changed. A lot of pool tables on the floor, a decent little bar and nice seats out on the balcony for a quiet drink. Its just too bad the United game wasn’t up to scratch.

YinYangDamn. Just realized that I have absolutely no point or conclusion to this story – it really isn’t going anywhere. Oh well. Just too bad I guess. We’ll call it my first rambling post then.

By the way, Riley has made a full recovery it would seem, so in reference to the previous post, he must have done something really really good to cancel out whatever bad thing he did. Karma works in mysterious ways ;)