SofaI must obviously have done something bad yesterday. Something so inherently terrible that I don’t even know I did it. All I know is that I must have done something wrong, because I was severely punished today. I’m not sure what deity I might have offended, but for what its worth, I’m sorry. Mostly.

It all started early this morning when I was getting ready for work when I jabbed my little toe hard against the bottom of the sofa. Instantaneously lashing out at the offending sofa (which didnt help my throbbing little toes disposition whatsoever) it got me thinking about how something things are just purely badly designed from the start. (A completely different topic, hence not covered in this post)

The train trip into work went smoothly for the first bit, until I caught the crossover train at Salt River on my way to Rosebank. For some strange and inexplicable reason I suddenly became sleepy at Mowbray, only to wake up as my train started pulling out of Rosebank (the station directly following after Mowbray). And when I reached the next station (Rondebosch), I was just in time to see the train going back to Rosebank pulling out already.

(A train station map for those who might be lost: Salt River -> Observatory -> Mowbray -> Rosebank -> Rondebosch — about a 10 minute trip in total.)

So I put my walking shoes on and trekked up the mountain to campus from Rondebosch station, neatly managing to avoid those speeding pedestrian death traps known as taxis.

My long walk gave me plenty of time to think what on earth I was being punished for. Could it have been how I pressed forward to defeat Ryan in a humiliating way on the squash court last night, even if it was clearly visible to any blind person off the street just how off a day he was having with the racquet (for the record 5-0 in my favour). Or worse, could it have been the fact that I ate that burger pie while shopping and then went straight home to have supper?

Ill never know for sure I guess, but I’m eagerly waiting to see what disaster strikes me next I’m rooting for a power outage to get me out of work :)


I just finished writing this up when the thought occurred: just what the hell did Riley do wrong yesterday?!?

(Unfortunately he was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident last night. He appears to have come through it okay though, but our thoughts and best wishes are obviously with Claire and him today. Get well soon!)