primi piattiSo Saturday evening I invited C out for supper at the Primi Piatti in Blaauwberg, a generally quite nice venue, though I haven’t been there for a very long time. The last time that I tried to go for food there, the place had been closed down due to a major fire in the kitchen. This time at least I was thoughtful enough to actually phone earlier and make a reservation – so no nasty surprises there at least! (That said, the place was a hell of a lot quieter than what I would ever have imagined – and I was even on time and everything (19:30). The less busy than usual Primi was actually nicer than normal because it meant it was quiet enough for C and I to chat without having to shout at each other and the waiter didn’t have too many opportunities to make a mistake).

Being the exciting person that I am, I immediately went for my tried and tested Primi fav, the Two Cheese Burger. Heaven in an oversized white plate! We made our poor waiter work for a while though, refusing to leave until 21:45 when we dashed out to go catch Fracture at the Bayside Centre. The supper with C was wonderfully entertaining as always. The movie wasn’t.

FractureThe trailer for Fracture had looked fairly interesting to be honest – Anthony Hopkins murders his wife and then proceeds to play psychological games with the prosecuting lawyer Ryan Gosling. Typecast as he perhaps is, Anthony Hopkins plays the creepy old psychopath role better than anyone else, edging even Christopher Walken out in my opinion (which counts for nothing except on this blog where it means the world). That said, what a horribly drawn out and boring movie. The director completely fails to string any kind of tension together and to be honest, unless you really haven’t seen any films in this kind of genre before, its one of those movies you’d be better off just missing completely. My opinion was further justified when I found C fast asleep next to me an hour into the movie.

Not wanting to waste any more of my precious lifespan on this pointless drivel, I left (and officially made Fracture the first movie C has ever walked out on!)