FlamesThis year my birthday fell nicely on a Friday for a change, coincidently on the same day as my bi-monthly half-day at work. So buggering off at 12:00, I headed off to my brother’s place where we quickly set up things for the evening’s braai and then went off to saunter around Tygervalley (to get all the necessary things like beer, salad, beer, pies, beer) for a while. I dashed off to Karate a little later for fighting class (big mistake – my fatigue followed me and I was beaten black and blue), and then back again to my mom’s place, arriving just in time to quickly shower, start the fire and open the door for Wayne and Candice who’d arrived a little before time, all in one breath – it was a long breath. It was all done in that order and no, I didn’t set fire to Wayne or Candice. In fact Wayne was a lot less flammable than usual – I think it was probably the first time ever that I had more gel in my hair than he had in his! Wonders will never seize.

It was a good turn out with just about everyone showing up that was invited. Even Riley showed his face, which was a pleasant surprise considering he just literally came out from a major bike accident in the week – though I think Claire made him come (although, thinking about that, she doesn’t make him go to the opera with her: must be because the braai entrance ticket was basically free, only 1 hug required). The braai went down well, with time flying by a lot faster than what I would have imagined. And although a piece of boerewors did end up in the coals, for a change it wasn’t Terrances. Actually I have absolutely no idea whose it was, but I can say that I was disappointed as hell as missing out on the age old traditional of dropping Terrance’s meat. That said, he was damn sneaky in not telling me which was his in the first place :(

Terrance also brought with Guitar Hero, something that immediately brought a smile to The Karl’s face (he of the now chamberpot-haircut style – I nearly fell off my chair when I saw he had cut his hair). In fact I think he was so happy to see Guitar Hero he completely forgot about his wife that had to stay at home because she was ill (Hope youre feeling better Patricia!) Even C made an appearance the evening, and I’m glad to see she wasn’t frightened off by the gang. Even the stoic pair of Dean and Zania couldn’t make a dent. (Dean nabbed the best camouflage parking place ever by parking his truck in front of the building site by mom’s place – no one would ever have spotted it there, plus it must have felt right at home)

All in all the night went down well. The food was good, the cake was good and the company was good. I always say this, but I should definitely organise get-togethers like this more often :)

Edit: Due to oversights pointed out by the angry mob that attended Friday evening, I’ve duly updated The People listing.