X Men   The Official GameA little while ago I bought a flurry of crappy games PS2 games, simply because they were damn cheap (Now I know why). First off was the absolute waste of time known as Superman Returns: The Videogame and now this one, X-Men: The Official Game. Another rushed development in order to fall in the movie release season, X-Men is basically a waste of space and stole a couple of precious hours of my life (don’t ask – when I start a game I will play it through to the end, no matter how atrocious).

The only one redeeming value of this title is that the in-game character models are actually pretty gorgeously rendered. The other half decent thing about it is the implementation of Nightcrawlers teleportation system. But when it comes to important things like gameplay and enjoyability, this title falls completely flat on its face.

Crappy AI, crappy mission design, completely arbitrary difficulty levels, complete and utter skimping on cutscenes (they use static images that are moved around from Gods sake!) makes for a very budget-like title, mass produced for the gullible masses who will purchase anything associated with the word X-Men. Look, I loved the comic books back in the day, but the world would have been better off without the movies and the movie-tie-in games.

All I can now hope for is that Ravensoft at least makes another X-Men legends follow-up in the hope of restoring some dignity to the X-Men gaming franchise.