Blades of GloryYou either like Will Ferrells movies or you dont. Theyre usually sexist and crass, and filled to the brim with simple psychical comedy routines. So either you find it funny or you flush the DVD down the toilet. But that said, Blades of Glory is one of the funniest movies he has done yet. Teaming up with Jon Heder (of Napoleon Dynamite fame), Will Ferrell sets about setting up everything that is stupid about modern day professional skating and pushes it too the limit in this hilarious sports comedy.

To be honest, the humour is ridiculous and simply over the top. From Heders Peacock skating routine to the most thrilling/not thrilling/crossbow-assisted/thrilling chase scenes ever devised (had us in stitches the whole time), the movie is a blast.

For those who don’t know the premise of the movie, it basically revolves around this:

Perhaps nowhere in sports is the marriage of athleticism and grace more evident than in the arena of world champion pairs figure skating: the lifts, the jumps, the routines. The perfect score results from the perfect blend of strength and sophistication, prowess and artistry, brawn and refinement. It’s an elegant world, a rarefied universe, a noble place populated by the creme de la creme of skating elite. Well, it used to be…

When the macho, swaggering Chazz Michael Michaels takes to the rink, he is the rock star of the arena, leaving a trail of thrashed ice and shrieking female fans in his wake. The only competitor who can match Michaels’ scores (on the ice that is) is the driven former child prodigy, Jimmy MacElroy.

Michaels and MacElroy have met in final rounds before, but their latest head-to-head at the World Championships, when they tie for first, is more than either can bear, and their long-standing rivalry erupts into a no-holds-barred fight. The ensuing brawl lands both athletes in hot water; they are stripped of their gold medals and banned from the sport for life.

When inspiration strikes, and a loophole emerges. To skate again, all Chazz and Jimmy have to do is set aside their long festering hatred of one another and join forces… as the first male/male figure skating pair to compete in the history of the sport.

If youre looking for a non-cerebral laugh and plenty of man-on-man situations, check this out as soon as possible!