labrador retrieverI couldnt help but smile at this slightly humorous situation that arose yesterday on the train station. Now generally when I walk through Salt River station I move at a brisk pace, wanting to ensure that I don’t miss my cross-over train which might sneak in while I’m not looking. Also you might be quite surprised by the number of blind and sight-impaired people that use the train system – it makes sense I guess, better that than them driving to work by listening to the GPS voice synthesizer.

So anyway, back to my story. As I was briskly moving down the platform, I was surprised to find myself being passed by a blind man and his guide dog. On closer inspection, it turned out that the dog was really interested by the scent of something present in a womans bag in front of the pair. The woman, obviously not liking dogs, had picked up the pace to avoid the pesky mutt (a beautiful Labrador if you want to know the details). So here we had this woman half jogging to escape the dog, the dog picking up the pace to get to this womans bag and the poor blind man being pulled along the platform at rapid speed!

A rather peculiar spectacle indeed :)

(As funny a sight as this was, I don’t think Ill pull a Nandos and make an advertisement out of it just yet though)