Well now that was embarrassing :(

Exactly 10 minutes ago I got the sudden urge for some Coke so I headed down to the lower Leslie Social building to go raid the vending machines there (nice 450ml cans). Deciding to take the scenic route down, I walked via the outside route, revelling in the crisp, cool air outside. Unfortunately the road was a little wet, but nothing too troublesome – or so I thought.

coca colaSo as I stepped in through the top entrance and started walking down the large (bustling with students and a FNB display stand) indoor plazas steps, my shoes grip suddenly gave out and I gracefully slid down 6 or 7 steps to land firmly on my buttocks – in full view of everyone!

Quickly standing up and half-ignoring the queries of whether or not I was alright, I quickly scurried down the rest of the steps, raided the vending machine and sneaked back up to the office :(