I cant stop grinning. This overbearing feeling of being a genius is difficult to get rid of at the moment :)

When I code stuff, I tend to try and make segments as flexible and reusable as possible, meaning I very seldom have any pieces of code that are exclusively written for a once-off usage.

Case in point: In the past I offered to host research surveys online. So I developed a hosting framework for this ongoing task and it still copes very well with smallish surveys to this day. I simply copy and paste from the supplied Word document into an Access database and the survey just appears from there.

Now I just got an urgent request from one of the lecturers to host their doctoral research project survey, the urgency arising out of the fact that it applies only to first year students, and that species will be leaving campus at the end of the month once the exam period kicks in. So I tell the lecturer, sure no problem, Ill have it up in a day – and then she hands me an 11 page document.


My framework likes smallish surveys, not one where the entire survey submission overflows the POST data buffer on a single page submit. *sigh* I hate tedious work and this meant that it was about to become tedious. And then I remembered a multi page survey I did a year ago, based on an older version of my framework.

I pulled up the pages, slotted the new database in and tada! = big grin on my face :)

agree and disagree survey