VodacomThe last little while I’ve been communicating via sms between two different networks (Vodacom and MTN I think) – and to say that the service has been poor, is probably the understatement of the year. Sms are dropped, delayed and sometimes not even delivered at all. Multipart sms become a pain because parts of the message are simply dropped.

Normally you don’t come across this problem when communicating on the same network. Perhaps the last weeks breakdown in communication can be attributed to the bad weather, but more likely I would think the case to be a deliberate slow down or queuing of cross-network messages by one of the offending networks. By providing priority forwarding of your own messages before servicing other network traffic makes sense I guess, but it really is a situation that shouldnt be happening I feel.

Obviously my theory isnt based on anything but a gut feel, but it would be extremely interesting to know if this is the case. And if there is anything I can break to fix it :)