God of War II KratosI pulled together all my gift vouchers, etc that I had received from my birthday, scraped up the extra bit of cash and set off to purchase God of War II on Saturday. It was nice to see that they had got the pricing structure wrong – meaning it wasnt a hassle to get a copy from the shop. (honestly, R600 for PS2 game is just ridiculously stupid. Luckily I didnt have to pay that huge amount out of my pocket – thanks everyone for my gifts :D).

But God of War II is worth every penny. The original God of War was one of the best action/adventure games to hit the PS2 platform (I rank it second behind Devil May Cry 3 as the greatest ever) and God of War II picks up straight from where it left off. The game play sticks so close to the original youd never guess youre playing a different game. And make no mistake, this isnt a bad thing.

The controls are tight, an epic storyline beyond compare, the scale of the game is simply awe inspiring, the level design is unparalleled, the fighting system is simple, streamlined and very effective, and in fact there is almost nothing I can complain about in this game! The visual are simply the best youll ever find on the PS2, from character model to level design, the attention to detail is simply awesome. The level design and game scenario scripting is very tight, thoughtfully structured and very well laid out, which makes it almost impossible to get stuck or frustrated in this game. Backed up by a powerful musical score and perfect voice acting, God of War II can truly be called a gaming master piece.

I’ve already sunk six hours into this game, and to be quite frank, I didnt even realize they had passed :)