Red Ribbon*sigh* Thanks to Jasons organising incompetence (well, I blame him anyway :D), I learned last night that I need to organise an HIV/AIDS clearance certificate for Saturdays competition. Obviously without it one cannot partake, which makes perfect sense if you think about the nature of the sport. Now I never go for precautionary testing sessions. I tend to always go by the motto if it aint broke, then don’t fix it, so this HIV test will be my first such test without a medical reason (i.e. I’m as sick as a dog). Still I guess it is probably a good thing to have something like this done just to knock that 99.99% negative result surety in ones mind up to 100%. (Itll be a major bummer if 0.01% turns out to be the winning result of course!)

In any event I’ve managed to wangle an appointment in the Student Health and Welfare clinic at UCT for Thursday in the hopes that a) the test gives results out on the same day, and b) they give me some sort of official looking paperwork with my status on it. Turns out they do these things over a hour session, so I guess I’ve got lots of free counselling and advice I need to sit through as well even if I only want that lousy scrap of paper!