You might have noticed the complete and utter lack of sporting entries for the last while. You would be right. Since last week I’ve been struggling with a cold, so I’ve been taking it easy in order to ensure that I recover before Saturday (the day of the Kyokushin knockdown tournament). And the weekend before I decided to rest up a little so as not to overexert myself.

But damn, my fingers are beginning to itch. If I don’t pick up a racquet and beat some ball with it soon, I might just take to eating noodles out of frustration (I don’t like noodles very much in case you ask – looks like worms and clumped together looks like brain material – not too appealing if you ask me. Kind of like snails).

At least Wednesday Ill be able to take out some of my frustrations on my unsuspecting sparring partners for the meantime :)

Now if only I’d learn to eat a little less during these times of inactivity though!

Smiling Sloth hanging from a tree