TaurusI’ve never given astrology much truck to be honest. Couldnt care less about it. Bunch of mumbo jumbo with no firm basis or scientific facts behind it. Hocus pocus you know. Thing is, everyone has taken a sneak peek at it now and then, just for interests sake of course. Come on, you can admit to it. I know I do every now and then :)

My birth date puts me down as a Taurus. And scarily enough, whenever I read a write up on the Taurus personality etc, I’m amazed at how much I can relate to what is written there about us and the type of people were meant to be. Sometimes I will read an excerpt and go wow, thats exactly who I am! (Weird, but it must obviously be some sort of social engineering trick, similar to what fortune tellers use. But then again, a person never knows I guess)

And I’m happy what I find there I think Taurus people are nice stable people, intent on just plodding along comfortably through life.

(Just in case your astrology is not up to scratch, heres a little more about us Taureans:)

Wikipedia has us down as: Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a calm, patient, reliable, loyal, affectionate, sensuous, ambitious, and determined character, but one which is also prone to hedonism, laziness, inflexibility, jealousy, and antipathy.

Another source writes: Taurean people tend to be slow, methodical, practical and reserved. They are also stolid, tenacious and determined. Possessing tremendous willpower and self-discipline, they are inclined to stick to tried and traditional methods. Their greatest satisfaction derives from results produced directly by their personal efforts. Roots are important to the Taurean. A sense of permanence, a feeling of security is essential. Generally an easygoing person, slow to anger, but once roused is known for a ferocious temper. Very difficult to deal with when angry. Loyalty is important to a Taurus, and a true friend of a Taurean will speak well of their great generosity.

Taureans are warm, loving, gentle and charming most of the time. Motivated by self preservation, the Taurean is not a risk taker and weighs every decision carefully, in a slow and methodical manner. To more impulsive people, Taurus is a bore.

And another simply because I like what it is saying and the fact that it is SO damn true: Opinionated, stubborn, once a Taurean makes a decision, it is written in stone. Don’t expect original thinking and new ideas here. Basically physical people, they prefer the known to the unknown, the tried to the new. They love the earth and possessions. Honesty, integrity and dependability are notable Taurean characteristics. The calm, pleasant, and well intentioned Taurus exterior belies the volcanic temper that can erupt when sufficiently aroused. The bright side of the stubborn bull’s nature is, they are incredibly and uncompromisingly loyal to their friends. Established slowly, a Taurus friendship can, and often does last a lifetime.

So there you have what being a Taurean is all about. And I have to say, I completely relate to it. Now if only I could figure out the trick these astrology fakers use.