LeoNow post {0096} was written as a specific prelude to this post and yes I do have a point I want to bring across with it that there is something freakily weird in astrology and its usually limited accuracy.

My ex was the first one to make me aware of star signs and more importantly, the attraction ratings between different star signs. She was a Leo and that immediately spelt trouble because according to astrology, Leos and Taureans never work out in the long run. Moving away from the western zodiac and looking at the Chinese system, my sign is that of an Iron Monkey while hers is a Fire Tiger. And funnily enough, again that system decreed that there is absolutely no way such a union would work in the long run.

Obviously being the sceptic that I am and not believing in things like astrology even in the slightest, I simply laughed this off and said well fine, well just go ahead and prove everyone wrong. Well, you can obviously guess who had the last laugh :) hint: despite the smiley face it wasnt me.

Per chance I came across this little excerpt on the web (hence the inspiration for these last two posts) and the thing is, it describes my relationship with my ex exactly as it was.

Oh, the willfulness, oh, the stubbornness; will it ever cease? Problem here is even if the relationship is not working, both of you will tend to stick it out, through thick and thin. It’s your nature. Both of you commit, both of you are in for the long pull, both of you will never admit you have made a mistake. Both of you are proud and unyielding. Like Taurus, Leos are possessive, but love their own freedom. Leo thrives on praise; Taurus is inclined to be lavish in this area, but expects the same in return.

Both signs are attracted to each other’s sense of loyalty and integrity, both love their creature comforts. Leo, a fire sign is full of optimism and enthusiasm, which is good for Taurus who is reticent and factual. Personal style is very different, Leo is outgoing and exuberant, loves people and company; Taurus likes the familiar and lacks the exuberant nature and believes the good things in life are very close to home. There is a lot of attraction, understanding and respect here, but when things go wrong as they often will, the double dose of stubbornness does not look good for a long term relationship. This is one that could linger on with each living in their own world. As much going for it as against it.

If I’m truly honest about it, our relationship probably did end a good year before we broke up it was really only my stubbornness that kept it going. Oh well, guess the astrologers won this round in the end.


Though, I might not have gone through all the trouble had I come across this passage earlier in my life:

Typical Leos truly enjoy the game of romance. Their avoidance of the mundane may prone the Lion to a “wandering eye” and their love of beauty can drive their movements from one lover to another. They are typically very sexual creatures and highly attracted to the partners of their choosing. However, some Leos are only loyal to themselves or only to the extent that the relationship benefits them.

Too true, too true :)