SagittariusBecause I posted those two arbitrary posts regarding star signs in relationships (only because I had nothing else of interest to write about I might add, and plus it is always good to vary things up a bit), I was asked about another specific matching, to which I replied Id rather not say, because the answer isnt all that positive. But fair is fair, and I was asked, so Ill post it anyway:

Taurus with Sagittarius . . .
Oil and Water

Taurus the possessive, the home body, the methodical, with Sagittarius the easy living, out going, freedom lover- not likely! No one can possess Sagittarius. No one can make them stay home. No one can make them deliberate. Taurus will have to give to make this relationship work. Containing Sagittarius is like trying to contain a fire; dangerous and difficult.

These are two very different personality types, but demonstrate many similarities. These similarities work to bring them together in the beginning but with no staying power. This relationship only works if Taurus allows Sagittarius their freedom and shares their ideals.