Had a pretty good weekend I must say. Any weekend that starts off with a half-day Friday is always good. :) Did some household chores, filled out my tax returns (all three of them: 2004-2006) and played some God of War, before heading off to pick up C to take her out to supper at Cattle Barons in Durbanville. Food was good, and I must say their kitchen speed was amazing. You ordered your food, took a sip of your drink and looked down again, only to find your plate of food already in front of you. Well, okay maybe it wasnt that quick, but it was pretty damn good and very impressive for a busy Friday evening. The plan was simple enough – eat supper and then head out to the Corner Bar in Durbanville to catch 6 of 9s live set. Of course as most planned evenings go, much like the fate facing chocolate-loving woman, the night went a little pear-shaped in that 6 of 9s set was moved from 9pm to 10pm, and once we reached the door, 11:30pm. Plus is seemed like a kiddies hangout, so C and I quickly opted out of that one. Headed back to my place to and ended up watching movies and television into the very early hours of the morning.

Side note: Tenacious Ds Pick of Destiny: a terribly rude and crass movie, but oh so damn funny! Jack Black and Kyle Gass had us laughing throughout this very ridiculously over the top music-themed movie, but be warned, you might want to screen out any sensitive people you might want to watch the movie with. Lets just mention the security laser deactivation scene and leave it at that :)

Saturday was a little less exciting than it ought to have been. I took part in my first Kyokushin Karate knockdown tournament, something Id been looking forward to for weeks. Unfortunately as with most things done on an amateur level, the competition organisation left a lot to be desired. I wasted my whole day there, having had to weigh in at 12:00 only to find out that my first match was only after 17:00 :( – But it was a fun experience which Ill chronicle in further posts. After the tournament, I took out Terrance, Ryan, C and her friend Retha for a quick bite to eat at Maccie Ds and then buggered off with C and Retha to laze the rest of the night away in front of the TV.

Sunday I buggered off to church (mainly to watch C perform), which was kind of strange because I haven’t been to church in a very very very (read VERY) long time. But it was a good service and the pastor wasnt half bad and I did get to see C in action and was more than suitable impressed by her vocal talents. After that Ryan and I did our usual Tygervalley trawling, where as tradition has it, we ate a London Pie Company pie (delicious) and he made me buy a video game.

Following that I had the pleasure of losing in Fifa to Ryan before joining C for a lunch braai at her parents place. Had a blast there (wonderfully down-to-earth and jovial family) and the food was absolutely delicious! In preparation for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, we ended off the rest of Sunday by trying to watch both 1 and 2. Well 1 didnt make it very far, but at least we did finish off number 2. In any event, my Pirate of the Caribbean background info is now up to scratch in time for the 3rd movie!

*whew* my fingers are tired after all this typing.

Tenacious D Pick of Destiny