Virgin ActiveI haven’t been to gym in ages, so last night I made and effort and actually went for a change. I had all my gear and everything, very sporty. After changing and heading down to the floor, I couldn’t resist hopping onto the scale at the bodyIQ stand, just to check if my weight really had picked up as much as the scale at the tournament had said. It has. I blame it on my weights at home (even though I know I don’t work out enough with them to warrant this kind of increase).

So ignoring the depressing reading, I went for a nice jog and messed around on the circuit a bit before buggering off home to have some nice unhealthy hamburgers for supper. The point of this little entry is this: on arrival at home I discovered that I had managed to lose my gym membership for the first time ever! (I think I forgot to take it out of the scale machine at the bodyIQ stand).

Stupid machine, I want my card back!

(This is a big deal because I almost never lose things I’m always just so damn careful with my stuff)