I know designing for accessibility is important, but nuts, nothing is more annoying than accidentally enabling Microsofts StickyKey functionality. It gets enabled if you hold down the shift key too long or press it five times in a row. Basically it makes life easier if you can’t press more than one button at once, but to be honest, its still a long way off before I’m not able to do that anymore.

And anyone that has turned the damn thing on by mistake will know it is damn annoying when trying to code or type up a document. Even more frustrating is turning it off when you dont know where to look which is exactly why I’m quickly typing up this little gem of information:

Just go to the Control Panel and double-click Accessibility Options (it’s probably the first icon you see). Then, for each keyboard accessibility feature, click on Settings and untick “Use shortcut”

Simple stuff.

windows sticky keys dialog