PlayStation 2A nice relaxed weekend this time round for a change :) Friday started out nice and sedately Karate was cancelled due to the hall being unavailable and I skipped gym because I was feeling a little tired from Thursday evenings late night (badminton followed by a late night visit with C). We were originally going to have a reunion pool evening with the guys, namely Evan, Douglas, Dean, Terrance, Ryan and myself, but Terrance decided to act like a panty-waist and cancel it thanks to a cold that I allegedly gave him (I strongly deny the charges of course no one saw me place the snotty tissue in his shoes when he wasnt looking dammit!). So next week perhaps for that one then.

So instead I worked on completing God of War II (which I eventually did great game, disappointing ending though. I hate filler episodes!). Once Cs shift ended I took her out for a quick supper at Kings before heading out to her place to watch Jack Blacks School of Rock. The Afrikaans singer Nicolas Louw was staying at her guesthouse the weekend and the prima donna that he is, C had to stay awake until 01:00 to cook him supper. Of course I gave a hand, making a very nice green salad if I say so myself. I even restrained myself from spitting in it too :) Was very jealous of Nicolas though; C made the most exquisite marinated chicken with egg noodles I’ve ever seen and all I got was a taste test :(

I also had the misfortune of seeing something I could have done without in my lifetime. Cs boss was staying over the weekend and had gotten tickets to go watch the Chippendales live performance at the CTICC on Friday evening. Needless to say that once she returned from the concert, she insisted on C watching the DVD with her which meant I needed to as well (oh my eyes!). The rest of the evening and early morning hours passed with C and me watching some VH1 it seems like MTV shows more crap than music these days :(

ChippendalesSaturday morning started off with me joining Ryan and Pops for some early morning squash again (sorry for oversleeping guys). Unfortunately I wasnt feeling all that great, my stomache wasnt very happy with me, and it was a very lacklustre affair. On my arrival home, I flopped into my bed and proceeded to sleep the morning away. Ryan popped around the afternoon and we buggered off to Canal Walk to go purchase a multi-tap for the PS2. So now were equipped for some massive killer Fifa games, if only we can find the fourth player. We might just have to find and train a monkey then. The rest of the afternoon was passed playing Fifa and watching some of the SA versus England game, which truth be told was a waste of time. At least SA put on a great performance to drive home their dominance over the pathetically weak Roses more like pansies if you ask me.

After catching a quick break from our brotherly bonding session by kicking Ryan out the flat for an hour or two, I later rejoined him for some pool at Ellingtons in the evening. Honestly that place must be a front for a mob racquet or something, because that place cannot make a living from its dodgy bar and completely underutilised pool tables. But it is nice for when you want a quiet night out just playing pool though, so I did enjoy it. And I must say that Ryan has definitely picked up his pool game as of late. After I got home I got hooked on playing The Godfather, which I ended up playing until late into the night.

Chocolate CakeSunday I decided to sleep in, which I managed to do with great success :) Did a ton of shopping, even managing to bump into my old neighbour Jaco and his wife June in the process. I also managed to surprise myself by successfully put together a nice wooden DVD rack I purchased it always feels good when you don’t stuff something up the first time round. The afternoon was spent doing ironing, baking a chocolate cake and playing The Godfather not necessarily in that particular order.

Evening arrived and I headed off to C once more. Supper this time consisted of Steers and the entertainment was Big Mommas house 2 on MNET. Once again we ended up staying awake to the early hours of the morning, being treated to a spectacular late night thunder/lightning/rain/hail show. On a personal note, things between C and I are going tremendously well, so I’m really happy on that front at the moment. I’m hoping its a mutual thing, but I’m pretty sure it is :)

So to wrap it up, it was a lovely relaxed weekend at home, but once again there werent enough hours in a day for me to squeeze everything in and still get a decent nights sleep. Oh well, I guess Ill eventually learn what time makes for a good bedtime.