Damn my brother and Terrance to the pits of hell where the only sustenance they will receive would be ice-cream soft serves. My PS2 game collection has been expanding at an alarming rate, so much so that I’m buying new ones faster that what I can play through the old ones. So after my last purchase of Okami, I solemnly promised myself not to purchase another game until I’ve worked my way through my increasing backlog.

Obviously sensing this cosmic imbalance, Ryan contacted me today to inform me of the special being run on Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition from Take 2. I’ve wanted to own this game for ages, so it was extremely difficult to turn this down. Naturally I did of course because I’m such a strong person ;) However, my moment of glory was quickly dashed to ruin when Terrance contacted me regarding a special on Shadow of Colossus from Kalahari.net, one of the most awe-inspiring games ever to grace the PS2 console. And at R69 for one of the best games ever, I couldn’t withstand it. So shamefully I admit that I did give in on my solemn oath and duly placed my order for Shadow of the Colossus, but I promise this is the last time!

shadow of the colossus

P.S. Thanks a ton for alerting me to the special though Terrance I would really have kicked myself if I missed out!