Movies based on video game franchises are generally crap – almost completely without exception (well I guess Tomb Raider wasnt all that bad) and Uwe Boll doesn’t even have to be involved in some cases. But I must be honest, the little fanboy inside me lit up when I first heard the news that Capcoms Onimusha series is being adapted for the big screen (I had the same reaction when I learned that Devil May Cry’s movie rights was sold to Gaga Entertainment, but no word four years down the line, so I’m no longer holding thumbs for that one). I’m a big fan of the Onimusha series and the thought of seeing my favourite demon slaying samurai in action is a little thrilling to be honest. Truth be told, it would be a fairly easy game to port to the movies simple samurai movie combined with some standard special effects would be the order of the day. Should be fairly difficult to stuff up :)

KaneshiroThe director at the helm of the Onimusha project is Christophe Gans, a Frenchman best known for his movies Silent Hill and Crying Freeman, and the actual filming is scheduled to kick off early next year. But the best news to be leaked yet has got to be the confirmation of Takeshi Kaneshiro in the role of the main antagonist, Akechi Samanosuke. Kaneshiro has been involved in the Onimusha series from the start, performing the voiceovers for Samanosuke in the original Onimusha: Warlords and Onimusha 3: Demon Siege. Capcom even designed the in-game model as a picture perfect look-alike of the Taiwanese-Japanese actor. Outside of the Onimusha realm, Kaneshiro is probably most famous for his portrayal of Jin in the movie “House of Flying Daggers” another awesome Chinese wushu movie.

So things are looking up at the moment and Ill definitely be tracking this one once it hits the big screen.