Gokudou kun ManyuukiGokudou-kun Manyuuki is an old comedy fantasy series from 1999 which follows the story of Gokudou, an anti-hero adventurer who is more interested in lining his own pockets than anything else. Brash, arrogant, noisy and a little on the stupid side, Gokudou is a strict believer in the if there is no profit then I’m not involved mandate and is more often than not found running away from a potentially hazardous situation, only to return later to scavenge the leftover valuables.

But after a chance encounter with a genie that emerges from a stone he steals, Gokudous life is turned upside down as he is thrust head first into a number of world-threatening disasters. Armed with his newly discovered magical sword and accompanied by a number of annoying do-gooders and mischief-makers alike that simply wont leave him alone or wont let him run away quick enough, Gokudou aims for the big time and hes all important major score.

If you like stupid puns, slapstick humour and outrageous anti-hero antics, Gokudou cant help but amuse. A lot of silliness abounds and to be honest Gokudou is a perfect anime just to sit back, switch your brain off and enjoy.

Gokudou kun Manyuuki2The animation is fairly loose and switches between a lot of exaggerated styles, and this works perfectly for the slapstick nature of the show. The characters are all colourful and fairly well designed. Though the show is sometimes guilty of reusing animation sequences for some of its shots, generally the show has got nothing to be too ashamed about in terms of the art department.

The voice actors stand out for doing a great job with this wide variety of oddball characters they have to voice. Gokudous voice actor probably stands out the most for his excellent portrayal of our loveable idiot (loveable being used very loosely here). The soundtrack is light and upbeat and though not a wide variety of music to choose from, it does help move the story along quite nicely.

Overall, if you are looking for a couple of laughs, a few crass jokes and not much in cerebral material, then you will quite enjoy this quirky anime title.