LogSo a couple of weeks ago I was complaining about physical fatigue, the result of over-training my body. This week I finally succumbed to a different fatigue, namely the fatigue caused as a result of sleep deprivation.

This week, without fail, I have been spending every single night out over at Cs guesthouse that she manages, visiting with her until the wee hours of the morning and then crashing there before heading off to work early the next morning (well, it is a guest house you know :) Plenty of beds and all that).

Last night we decided to take a break from the daily visit as she had singing practice while I had badminton in the evening. Now badminton is at 19:30 and I planned on heading out half an hour earlier to the gym for a quick job and then dart off to go smack the shuttlecock around a bit.

I was very productive between getting home just after 17:00 until the start of my evening activities: I had supper, did the washing and played some games, until around 18:00. I decided that feeling a little tired, perhaps I should catch a quick 45 minute snooze to recharge my batteries – big mistake.

I dropped off like a log.

I woke up all ready to depart, only to find it already 20:30. Right. That would explain my slightly groggy state I guess. Oh well, bugger it, I dropped back into my blissful sleep without thinking about it too much. 22:30 I got a call from my brother – I spoke (slightly incoherently) with him before hunger got the better of me and I dragged myself out of bed. Fired up the PlayStation, ate a little chow and 23:30 I was back under the duvet – not before setting my double alarm system for 05:30 and 05:35 respectively (background info: half day Friday today, so I travel in to work via car, meaning I need to leave my house at 06:00).

And you guessed it: I got out of bed at 05:55 this morning :) – but feeling as fresh as a daisy I might add!

(In my defence, I did wake up to the early alarms this morning – I just chose to ignore them and lie in for a further 5 minutes).