So my (admittedly not so long) period of being a bachelor has once more come to an end. The last month and a half (give or take a week or two), I’ve been visiting a marvellous woman by the name of Chantelle (I’ve been referring to her as C on the blog for a while now), a chef by trade who is currently managing a local guesthouse which happens to be just across the road from me.

Labrador PuppyWe met via an internet dating site after she decided to reply to my dodgy opening message I sent out to her. Luckily it seems that she can handle my corny offbeat humour – something she’s bound to regret in the future when it becomes a whole lot more whacky and cornier :) We met up offline shortly afterwards and hit it off like a house on fire, so much so that Mugg & Bean had to kick us out because we were a danger to their muffins safety – actually they just wanted to close because it was late, but I’m sure they were just trying to protect their dwindling coffee stocks.

After that initial encounter, I simply couldn’t get enough of her. I managed to lure her out of her guesthouse a couple of times for supper or a movie, but eventually managed to sneak in some visitation hours of my own at her place (had to bribe her using red wine and Lindt choccies, but it was so worth it). These hours have become increasingly long and I’m not sure whether I should now be paying for my lodging at the guesthouse or whether she should be paying my flat rent seeing as I’m never there anymore!

So here’s to the future of C&C – let the fun and games begin!

P.S. I’m off to a grand start: even her folks like me already (and that was before we even started officially going out!)