I finally decided to do something about those mini roaches that infest my flat, and so headed out to Checkers to pick up some of my weapons of choice. I went for the Doom Fogger system, basically a slow release smoke grenade or tear-gas canister, packed with pesticide for maximum penetration and coating.

Having turned off the power, closing the windows and opening all the cupboards, I pulled the pin and ran – only to return to depress the little button to make it start. I just thought throwing it would be cooler. Failing to get it to work, an exasperated C took the canister from my hand and set if off for me :)

They say you need to evacuate the place for at least 3 hours. I needed to defrost my fridge so I left the icky stuff to simmer for the day.

CockroachOn my return to the flat though, I must admit being a little disappointed as the returns on my investment. Sure the flat and every surface in it was covered with a thin, fairly odourless but rather sticky layer, but instead of hordes of the bastards lying dead at my feet, I was instead greeting by a few groggy buggers aimlessly wandering about. Taking some satisfaction in putting them out of their little lives, I cant help but wonder if:

a) They all managed to escape my wrath
b) They are super roaches, capable of withstanding their Doom
c) They are hatched evil little plots to get even.

All I know is that I’m not looking forward to the clean up operation that starts tonight :(