So we are currently in training for the semi-contact tournament to be held at the SA National tournament beginning of July. Semi-contact is a lot different than full contact in that the combatants wear protective gear in the form of shin-pads and gloves and the types of techniques that can be used are extremely limited. In terms of punching, only straight arm punches are allowed anywhere on the body while back of the fist flicks (uraken) are allowed to the side of the head. You are only allowed to kick above the waist and even then you may only use straight kicks to the body and roundhouse kicks to the head.

UrakenCurrently I’m doing most of my work with Anton, a great guy, but a hell of a lot taller than me. So on Friday Jason was putting us through some sparring using only uraken to the head. Now because of Antons height and therefore angle of attach advantage over me, I simply wasnt scoring any points that is until he gave me the perfect opening: One of the other groups made a noise, so he dropped his hands and turned to look – only to be promptly whacked in the side of the head by yours truly! :)

(I’m going to omit the fact that he retaliated by punching me in the mouth later though)

<– Note Anton is a lot taller, not as pink and has arms in real life. That’s not my arm either in case you are wondering.