I couldn’t help but laugh to myself today as I returned from the tuckshop for the second time today, clutching my second custard mini Danish for the morning shameful I know. But winter was made for nibbling!

As I was approaching the Leslie Commerce Building a student approached from the side, heading up the two steps to enter through the main entrance. What made this particularly funny were this girls shoes. Obviously a victim of fashion, she was wearing long high-heeled boots I’m assuming they are in fashion nowadays the heel of which was particularly slim. Now with every step she took, her whole ankle shuddered, causing her leg to give and her body to wobble. Every step!

I don’t even want to know the amount of concentration it takes to get that right without falling over like a beached whale. And if one falls, how on earth does one get up again in those impractical things? Unfortunately I turned a different corner to get to my office, but I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world she was going to climb that flight of stairs before her!

high heel boot

Insurance brokers must hate those shoemakers.