Thursday evening saw a first as I finally invited my sister Claire and her fianc Riley to join us for supper since both she and I moved out of home, probably a good 3 or 4 years ago already (if not longer I guess). The main reason that this was the first time has a lot to do with my ex, who really didnt get on very well with my sister and never really wanted to do things with other people very often (mainly my friends/colleague etc).

So when I suggested to Chantelle that we go out to Quay 4 on her night off because of the cover band playing there that she so enjoys, she immediately asked who we should invite with. I sprung at the chance to ask Claire and Riley to join us (admittedly Chantelle suggested it and it did make sense because it was more on their side of the world than what we normally go out to). Chantelle asked a couple of her friends as well (thought they all pulled out eventually) and we were set.

Thursday evening eventually came and although a nippy affair, the rain actually stayed away which was a great thing as no one got soaked walking from the parking garage to the restaurant. Chantelle and I secured a table close-ish to the fire (the good spots were already taken) and Claire and Riley joined us shortly after.

What followed was an enjoyable evening of small talk, drinks, decent food and good background music. I made an arse of myself singing loudly (read very badly) whenever I could grab a chance and thoroughly had a fun time.

On the note of food, when we EVENTUALLY placed our order for the food, we didnt have time to really blink because within 10 minutes our food was in front of us – good stuff for some really hungry people.

On the note of music, I must commend the cover band Paradigm that was playing that evening. The lead singer has a really good voice (though marred a bit by the poor sound equipment that night) and the three mans group guitar work is top notch. They covered all the old classics like The Doors, The Eagles, Dire Straights and AC/DC just to mention a few. Well worth your time to check them out – apparently they play every Thursday evening at Quay 4.

So all in all I think everyone had a great evening out (even if Riley began looking a little bored towards the end) and well definitely do it again in the future – just hopefully a lot sooner than in 4 years time.

Quay 4