With Chantelle away on a Girls weekend, Terrance, Ryan and I decided to get some game time in and test out the new multi-tap while were at it. And nothing is better for multi-tap gameplay than WWE Wrestling, the only fighting game that allows for more than 2 simultaneous players to take part in.

So Royal Rumble was selected and although Terrance and I gave admirable performances, I’m afraid Ryan pwned us in that one bugger. Though he did use cheesy moves and some underhanded tactics to take the title, I shouldnt use any of that to take away from his dominance :P

Normally a couple of rounds of FIFA soccer would be the other staple of our gaming sessions together, but Friday night Terrance whipped out his new purchase of Lego Star Wars for us to give a whirl. I must be honest, for a kiddies game, the Lego game is an absolute blast to play. Combining the nostalgia of Lego blocks with a quirky humour and some decent gameplay, Lego Star Wars quickly ate up the rest of our evening (I kicked the guys out early because I wasnt feeling to well in the end)

Throw some Debonairs pizza into the mix, courteousy of Mr Brown and it can definitely be classed as a successful get together – Even if Ryan did win for a change ;)

Lego Star Wars 1Lego Star Wars 2Lego Star Wars 3