Straight from Kuro-Hana’s website:

Death Note MangaSad news to inform all off our watchers for Death Note.

We have just received a C&D(Cease and Desist) from VIZ Media stating for us to stop all distribution of Death Note by 22nd June 2007.
(This letter has also been served to Animanda, c1anime? & Several Death Note fan sites.)

Naturally, we will comply with Vizs request and cease all distribution/subbing activities of Death Note.

Originally, we started subbing Death Note because we enjoyed it and wanted provide the anime community with fast, reliable subs. But Death Note is licensed, and Viz has requested that we cease our subbing and distribution of Death Note. Its been a pleasure subbing Death Note for you all, and we hope youll stick around as we embark on other projects.

Thanks for watching!

So damn, I was kinda hoping they would sneak in the last two episodes, but it seems like this won’t be the case. And if no one else picks up the last two episodes then I’m afraid I’ll really be screwed. Stupid licensing companies!

At least Kuro-Hana’s new project is of some interest to me: the anime adaptation of Devil May Cry!