Sometimes karma can be such a bitch :)

ATM bomber loses arms
18/06/2007 22:18 – – (SA)

Johannesburg – Gauteng police spokesperson Sanku Tsunke says an ATM robber’s arms have been surgically amputated after explosives detonated while he was trying to remove cash from the machine.

The 26-year-old man and his accomplices had detonated explosives at an ATM in Bosmont, west of Johannesburg, on Saturday.

Tsunke said the robber had approached the machine to collect the money, but some of the explosives had not detonated and they exploded on his arms.

Without taking the money, the man’s alleged accomplices took him to hospital where his arms were amputated.

So when the police haul this bloke off to prison do they bother searching him if he is already unarmed? :P