Devil May Cry DanteSo as to appease their legions of fans after announcing their halting of the Death Note fansub project, Kuro-Hana Fansubs have announced and released the first episode of the next anime series theyre going to tackle, namely Devil May Cry.

Now for any non-gamer out there, Capcoms Devil May Cry is one of the most popular action titles to ever grace the PlayStation 2 and there are currently 4 titles in this hugely successful franchise (the fourth game is in post production for the PlayStation 3). The anime is produced by the Madhouse and is directed by Shin Itagaki. Bingo Morihashi, one of the writers for the second, third and fourth games, is also on the writing staff, meaning there should be a really nice flow and cohesion between the game world and the anime world (Well, one can hope I guess).

The Anime is set chronologically after Devil May Cry 3 and features the main protagonist Dante, a badass half demon half human demon hunter and general gun for hire, who as per usual is down on his luck and looking to take any jobs that he can. Armed with his trusty dual-wield pistols Ebony and Ivory and his power Sparda sword, Dante is set on stylishly taking down any demon that dares cross his path.

So being a fan of the game series, I thought Id better take a peek. And yes, just as I expected, the anime is heavy on style and action but a bit light and fluffy on story. That said, I’m being harsh for only having seen 1 episode out of an admittedly short 12 episode run.

Nevertheless, I always enjoy Madman productions and what I’ve seen so far definitely does not hurt. Intense, stylish action with a lot of demons, blood and gore, Devil May Cry will definitely appeal to all those fanboys out there :)