Pink Panther PosterWell at least I have now confirmed this equation when it comes to C. Without fail this combination almost always puts her into immediate relax and snooze state. The equation passed the final test when I rented out Steve Martins hilarious Pink Panther movie which should be guaranteed in keeping people wide awake and rolling with laughter, and combined it with some Simonsrood red last night.

Popping in the DVD and finishing the last of the red, we settled back on the sofa and I officially started my experiment. Though the non stop laughs provided by Steve Martin and Co seemed to work for a while, it didnt take too long before I heard the gentle snoring of someone fast asleep. (Unfortunately as I was enjoying the movie so much, I neglected to watch the time, so I’m going to have to run this experiment again sometime).

Having proved my theory once again, I settled back and enjoyed the rest of this brilliant slapstick comedy, safe in the knowledge, that once again, scientific experiments have made this world a more informed place :P